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The first satellite navigation system, Transit, utilized by the us Navy, was initial with success tested in 1960.It used a constellation of 5 satellites and will offer a steering fix around once per hour. In 1967, the U.S. Navy developed the Timation satellite that verified the power to position correct clocks in house, a technology needed by GPS.
 within the Seventies, the ground-based Omega Navigation System, supported part comparison of signal transmission from pairs of stations, became the primary worldwide radio navigation system. Limitations of those systems drove the necessity for a a lot of universal navigation resolution with bigger accuracy.
While there have been wide desires for correct navigation in military and civilian sectors, virtually none of these was seen as justification for the billions of greenbacks it might price in analysis, development, deployment, and operation for a constellation of navigation satellites. throughout the conflict race, the nuclear threat to the existence of the us was the one would like that did justify this price within the read of the us Congress. This deterrent result is why GPS was funded. it's additionally the explanation for the immoderate secrecy at that point. The nuclear triad consisted of the us Navy's submarine-launched trajectory missiles (SLBMs) along side us Air Force (USAF) strategic bombers and intercontinental  trajectory missiles (ICBMs). thought-about very important to the philosophy posture, correct determination of the SLBM launch position was a force multiplier factor.
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Precise navigation would change us missile submarines to induce AN correct fix of their positions before they launched their SLBMs The United States Air Force, with 2 thirds of the nuclear triad, additionally had necessities for a a lot of correct and reliable navigation system. The Navy and Air Force were developing their own technologies in parallel to unravel what was primarily an equivalent downside. to extend the survivability of ICBMs, there was a proposal to use mobile launch platforms (such as Russian SS-24 and SS-25) so the necessity to repair the launch position had similarity to the SLBM state of affairs.
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In 1960, the Air Force planned a radio-navigation system known as MOSAIC (MObile System for correct ballistic missile Control) that was primarily a three-D LORAN. A innings study, Project 57, was worked in 1963 and it absolutely was "in this study that the GPS thought was born". that very same year, the thought was pursued as Project 621B, that had "many of the attributes that you simply currently see in GPS"] and secure exaggerated accuracy for Air Force bombers likewise as ICBMs. Updates from the Navy Transit system were too slow for the high speeds of Air Force operation. The armed service science lab continuing advancements with their Timation (Time Navigation) satellites, initial launched in 1967, and with the third one in 1974 carrying the primary timekeeper into orbit.

Another vital precursor to GPS came from a special branch of the us military. In 1964, the us Army orbited its initial ordered Collation of vary (SECOR) satellite used for geophysical science measuring. The SECOR system enclosed 3 ground-based transmitters from familiar locations that will send signals to the satellite electrical device in orbit. A fourth ground-based station, at AN undetermined position, may then use those signals to repair its location exactly.
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 The last SECOR satellite was launched in 1969. Decades later, throughout the first years of GPS, civilian measuring became one in every of the primary fields to form use of the new technology, as a result of surveyors may reap edges of signals from the less-than-complete GPS constellation years before it absolutely was declared operational. GPS are often thought of as AN evolution of the SECOR system wherever the ground-based transmitters are migrated into orbit.

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