Friday, November 21, 2014

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On occasion you may want to synchronize the media library you have in iTunes on devices with Android OS. This may be so because the mobile terminal is used, or simply because one starts using Google this development is changed. Well, this is possible to do and, moreover, with a remarkable simplicity.
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The truth is that not long ago getting what we say was not exactly easy, because often had to resort to complicated processes copy (especially if the use of the library was performed with iPod media players), but this has changed with the advent of applications such as BitTorrent Sync you can get the link of Google Play.
The first thing to do is install the development in your destination terminal, which will have the Android operating system, and then do the same on the computer from which it will synchronize (the required software you can get here) . Once done start with the process that has a variable length depending on the amount of information you have in iTunes. Now connect your phone to PC.
These are the steps
Create a folder on the computer where the information is stored, at least temporarily. Once done, open the Sync application on your computer, select Add Folder (Add folder), which is to be synchronized with the Android device, and multimedia content.
Once done open the application in the mobile terminal and Settings (Settings) must find the Advanced (Advanced) -by section, the Simple mode (Simple Mode) must be deseleccionado-. Here the place where the new information to be stored is specified sync. Now go back to indicate the PC folder that will contain the data, you can use a QR code for it by clicking Share application you have on your computer.
A window where you can set the destination folder for the files is displayed on the terminal, you can leave the default one or change it. Now you can set an automatic synchronization (Autosync) using the option that is in the icon with three dots in the upper right of the screen. Once this is done, start the synchronization automatically and simply expects the process to finish.

As it is easy to think, this method can be used to synchronize other folders automatically once the phone connects to the computer in question, using a USB cable. Therefore, it is clear that Sync is a powerful and useful tool.

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